Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Truth About GTA 5

No not really the truth, just another needless discussion about Grand Theft Auto.

Much media space has been corrupted with coma inducing debate about GTA.  Most of us have some idea of what the game is about, the gamers amongst us know that "Rockstar" the makers of GTA have gained a lot of free publicity by courting controversy  - yawn!  But it's a fact that there are many games with an equal or higher level of violence. But I don't want to talk about that here, no I want to talk about the free GTA app that you can download to your smartphone.  The app is called ifruit & after a quick set-up will link to your Playstation network account (I expect it's the same for Xbox) This app allows you to train a dog called "chop" who can be seen in the GTA 5 game.  The dog can be trained to sit and retrieve stuff & there are mini games to earn money to buy new collars.  The app also gives you the ability to customise your in-game car from your smartphone, personalise your number plate, respray job etc. If you think this sounds boring and pointless, then you're right.  The idea is great, but the execution is similar to a game involving picking up a cup and placing it onto a table ten times.  I hope they develop this further because I think this is the future.  Rockstar say so on their website and I agree.  It's about integrating a game into your life, so that even when you're not playing - you're playing.  So let's see your comments.  What do you think about the future of gaming? How will it evolve? How does it need to evolve? Does it need to evolve? Evolve? Is the integration of a game into your life a good thing? What's on telly tonight? No forget that...

Saturday, 7 June 2014

How TV Is Destroying Your Life Or Less TV, More Life!

After many years and googolplexs of hours of TV watching, the 2 of us have decided to prune it back.  It's our second week of deciding to let life in!  The rules are simple; no TV Monday - Thursday, TV on Friday evening, on Saturday & Sunday no TV until mid morning & then only one programme until the evening.

Western society has gradually increased it's awareness of the dangers of sugar, one day TV will be seen in the same way.  At the moment there has been zero public discussion of this.  TV is universally loved and celebrated. At it's best TV can be inspiring, moving, informative and of course highly entertaining.  At it's worst, time wasting, depressing, life-sucking garbage.  I've always enjoyed TV, but I can no longer ignore the fact that I've used TV like a narcotic.  That rather than using my time for creating & doing & generally living life, I've sat motionless digesting hours of someone else's creativity or lack of, as the case may be.

Here are just some of the reasons why TV can be dangerous to your life:
  • It draws you in and makes you feel like you are experiencing something real.

  • It's sounds and images are over-stimulating and tiring.

  • It saps motivation.

  • It leaves you with no head-space to dream and plan.

  • It takes up valuable time that you could be using to create, plan, do, remember...

Ultimately It can be just another addiction that we use to escape difficult emotions and thoughts, instead of facing them head on and making a positive change. 

Us 2 in this home will continue to watch TV, but TV will take it's rightful place secondary to us actually living life.

I will keep you posted on our progress  - tune-in for further updates (pun intended)