Monday, 5 January 2015

Minecraft Madness!!!

Yes it's happened, I've finally joined the shambling masses of Minecraft addicts!  Order & Chaos has become irrelevant, even Bard's Tale which I had been playing loads, is sadly neglected.  Forget what I said before about not playing computer games, Minecraft is my life!

For years I'd heard people mention the game, seen some pictures, heard a few discussions & just dismissed it all as a kid's game which some adults play with their children.  Recently a couple of acquaintances of mine (Who's opinions on games I respect) have showed/told me about their like of the MC.  This got me interested & so on the 28th December I purchased Minecraft Pocket for my tablet & plunged into a world of aching eyeballs & endless resource gathering.

That's all I'm gonna say about it, except it's getting me through the winter.

You'll be glad to know I had a great Christmas & New Year & hope you did too.

Till next time - whenever that will be I don't know...