Monday, 5 January 2015

Minecraft Madness!!!

Yes it's happened, I've finally joined the shambling masses of Minecraft addicts!  Order & Chaos has become irrelevant, even Bard's Tale which I had been playing loads, is sadly neglected.  Forget what I said before about not playing computer games, Minecraft is my life!

For years I'd heard people mention the game, seen some pictures, heard a few discussions & just dismissed it all as a kid's game which some adults play with their children.  Recently a couple of acquaintances of mine (Who's opinions on games I respect) have showed/told me about their like of the MC.  This got me interested & so on the 28th December I purchased Minecraft Pocket for my tablet & plunged into a world of aching eyeballs & endless resource gathering.

That's all I'm gonna say about it, except it's getting me through the winter.

You'll be glad to know I had a great Christmas & New Year & hope you did too.

Till next time - whenever that will be I don't know...


  1. I've literally just finished reading this post & was glad it was so mercifully short! My goodness you sound like a sad bastard! Get a life! Minecraft is just a game, a very well designed one, but just a game. Why don't you do something more useful with your time like put up a shelf or learn a new language?! I'm bored of hearing about your games & I'm guessing everyone else is too!

  2. Minecraft! It's all a kid's game which some adults play with their children, if you ask me

  3. I was interested in your phrase 'it's getting me through the winter.' What is missing in your personality or so unpalatable in your life that you need help getting through the winter. Do you suffer from hypothermia?

    I do not agree with the first commenter who chooses to remain anonymous. What right has he to call you or anybody else a moaning old git!

    G. Grassmuch

  4. Thanks anon, well winter really is my kryptonite! My lack of writing this blog for a while is evidence of that. But spring is nearing, joy! I can feel the god-like power beginning to course through my veins once again! You can look forward (or dread) hearing more from me from now until December.