Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What I've Been Doing Lately - Featuring Ayoade & Campbell Update

Hello reader/s, I thought this time I'd actually write something that resembled an ordinary blog for a change.  This means boring you with details about my life...

For those of you that have been reading this blog, you will know that I recently succeeded in obtaining the 2 books on Ayoade & Campbell.  You also will be pleased to know they were received in good condition.  The Campbell book was a great read, a fascinating & witty insight into the world of the B-movie actor (who sometimes steps into the world of the A-movie/TV) He seems like a nice guy (By his own account of himself) And I can really see why some people just drop out of the the whole acting scene.  You may think you have to deal with assholes in your job, but the movie world is a rich seam of asshole gold.  According to BC a lot of people drop out because they are simply ground down by it all.  To be an A-list player, you gotta work it - attend the right parties, lick the right ass & put up with endless BS & egos.  Anyhoo there you go.

I'm still reading the Ayoade book, but was immediately disappointed to find that this is not an insight into the man, but just a very stupid book.  I'm stubbornly trying to read it to the end, because I like the man & it is quite funny at times.  It's just that the book is based around the idea that he is being interviewed by himself.  The interviewer Ayoade is fairly serious, while the interviewee Ayoade is a ludicrous caricature of himself.  Arrogant & deluded, infantile & pretentious.  Anyway I don't recommend this book beyond being used as a coffee table book to be picked up from time to time & laughed at.

I've been playing an online game on my tablet called "Order & Chaos" it's been astoundingly addictive & fun & it's free!  I've now reached level 64 which has taken me around 3 months playing virtually everyday.  I'm getting to the point where I'm a little bored by it - thank goodness (or is it?) this leads me on to my next point:

I think I may be losing some interest in computer games!  Arggh the horror!  What's the evidence? I hear you demand.  Well I haven't played anything on my PS3 for around 5 months.  When I've tried I had no interest & just turn the thing off.  I've played no games on my laptop either, hardly any on my phone.  Yes I've been playing on my tablet Order & Chaos & some others - but even this interest is waning.  Oh no it looks like I may have to fill my time with something that's worthwhile & goes towards improving my life in some way.

This is my worst time of year.  The run up to Christmas irritates me, the actual day is usually pretty good though.  I dislike the darkness outside & the corresponding darkness inside.  My energy drops dramatically & going out & socialising becomes harder & less pleasurable.  This year however, i'm doing a little better & my energy levels are not as low as usual.  I still have to go to bed earlier during the week, but I haven't felt completely hollow inside while socialising - yah!

That's all for now, your'e lucky/unlucky you got this much out of me - the Archers project is really shaping up, won't be long now...


  1. I found your blog a tiny bit interesting. The piece regarding Mr Bruce Campbell where you illuminate us that the movie industry is tough & full of bullshitters was a shock I must tell you. There I was thinking that Hollywood was a joyous place to work in filled to the brim with dreams coming true & people that recognize art & talent & acting with integrity at every opportunity. You have turned my world upside down sir. I am of course being sarcastic.

  2. I was bored after paragraph 1 but i carried on reading and yes blogs about your life are boring. i suggest a. you change your life. b. you go back to blogging about football. i used to love your football blog. you should cross out all the second ayoade name bits and write in pencil over the top HIMSELF! eg Ayoade interviews Ayoade (but this bit is crossed out and you will have written HIMSELF!) this should get more violent as the book goes on. then give it to a charity shop fuck ayoade anyway he's become a caricature which probably means he'll suffer some kind of breakdown i feel sorry for him really

  3. i've decided to write a blog post on your blog cos i keep checking it and nothing new appears so here's my blog post on your blog


    so here i am writing a blog post on someone else's blog trying to think what to write and nothing is coming to mind which is why i've decided to write about exactly what i'm doing. i'm quite sure by doing this something will suddenly arrive which might be interesting to write about. so far it hasn't. outside my window some xmas lights are still flashing. it's jan 5. if those lights are still flashing in two nights then a curse be on those flat people. they appear to live on level fourteen of a tower block so they're probably planning to break the curse they're currently living in. see how i just wrote currently. that has current in it and this paragraph is about flashing lights and electricity. that stuff is always going on and is the basis of freudian psychology. but i think he just noticed it rather than discovered it or invented it. the same way columbus discovered america which was always there from the beginning even though it was still called america but by a group of indians or native americans. im bored now and this is why i will never own my own blog. thanks and goodbye. tired face.

  4. Thanks for your comments Albert & Barry. Yes it's been a while since I have put finger to keyboard. Just getting out of bed is a miracle this time of year. Let's cancel January & February from now on, they are useless as months, I think we can all agree on that!