Thursday, 25 September 2014

Coming Soon - Bring Back The Tick!

My one-man mission to ensure that the world's best ever TV show is brought back to our screens!


  1. I will vote for The Tick as I like the extended metaphoric speak except that I probably won't vote as I don't understand how to do it. You say, " Its called Amazon originals. You watch pilots of shows on their website & vote on the one you'd like to be made into a series. Very soon The Tick will get this chance."

    I do not understand nor can I follow your instructions. So come around Big Boy and show me how.

    Juicy Anne Clapsaddle

  2. Thanks Ms Clapsaddle, I will consider your request but you haven't supplied an address!

  3. Hi Big Boy

    Actually it's Mrs Clapsaddle. Mr Clapsaddle is an 18-stone wrestler and jealous with it. He is also a brainless idiot who doesn't appreciate The Tick (grounds for a divorce don't you think?)

    I need to know if your intentions are honourable before I reveal my address.

    Juicy Anne

    1. Well I'm sad to hear that Mr Clapsaddle isn't a fan of the Tick - but I won't argue with the lovely fellow. Of course my intentions are honourable or my name isn't Rockford.