Monday, 23 March 2015

Ayoade you have won but lost!

A friend of mine predicted that I wouldn't finish the Ayoade on Ayoade book. Currently he is correct. The pointlessness of the book has proved too much even for my iron-like will. It currenly resides on the lower shelf of my glass coffee table underneath some magazines. This glass table by the way, resembles Wonder Woman's airplane in that it only becomes visible via it's occupants. I may go back to the book in the future, or most likely some lucky person will be purchasing it at a bargain price in a charity shop. Once again I wonder why he wrote it & beleive it should have been much smaller. How many other suckers like myself have wasted their money on a book they thought would reveal something interesting about the man?!!


  1. This one didn't automatically link to Facebook. Technology you are an ASS!!!!

  2. oh it did automatically connect to Facebook in the end, just delayed. I take back 0.5% of my anger towards technology.

  3. you mean you didn't read the last chapter? holy crap friend. that was a big ayoade mistake.