Sunday, 6 April 2014

5 Reasons Why TV Could Kill You

We all love a bit of TV, but is it really killing us?!

See below and find out how

1. Spare The Rod

Rod Hull (With Emu) had a long assaultive career, plunging his hand into peoples forbidden areas, only to die while trying to adjust the TV aerial on his roof. Don't try this at home folks!

2. Let's Call Death "Death" Don't Couch It Out!

It's been proven that the more time spent sitting n the sofa, the shorter your life span,  and let's face it most people sit on the sofa to watch TV.

3. Aversion To Soap 

A dark soap like Eastenders can add to the stress you already have.  It struck me about 30 years ago, when I became aware of a nagging worry at the back of my mind.  On examining my thoughts I realised that I was worried about Sharon off Eastenders.  My soap watching ended immediately.

4. Non Reflective Service

Constant TV watching doesn't allow you to have head-space to reflect on your problems, and perhaps formulate solutions.  So that nagging pain in the chest that you had made half a plan to see the doctor about gets forgotten again, or your partner doesn't get a chance to talk about their nagging pain, or nag you about yours and then 20 episodes later your story ends...

5. Death To Apathy Or Whatever

TV is very good at making you feel like you're doing something.  You watch other people: building houses, saving the world, having romance, travelling the world - and somehow you feel you've experienced it all.  Well you haven't, you've sat on your ass drinking tea, dunking biscuits and your life has flowed past you like an irrelevant river.  I write from personal experience, because I'm a born-again life liver!  Ok so it's not exactly killing you, but you are suffering loss of life.  It's like a person walking through the country-side, but instead the country-side zooms past the stationery person while they look down at nothing in particular.

TV can be great, but handle with care!


  1. the sharon line is a bit of pure gold
    keep mining, writer

  2. Thanks Doug, will keep digging!