Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Games People Play

Actually it's the games I'm playing on my mobile right now.  Since my brother kindly gave me his old iPhone, I've been experimenting with downloading all sorts of games. There is lots of dross out there, but also some great little games. Here is a run-down of what I'm playing at the moment rated in order of preference

    7. Dumb Ways To Die – Really pointless, but a fun diversion. You have to rescue people from a variety of dangerous situations, less of a game, more of an interactive joke.

    6. Star Wars Tiny Death Star –Based on the Tiny Towers games. Slightly less pointless than DWTD and barely a game, but kind of fun with it's slightly piss taking attitude to Star Wars. The idea is to build different floors consisting of shops, cafés and apartments. You amass credits to spend on more floors and just keep building upwards. You do get to use your brain in some small way, occasionally. The ice-cream parlour named “Scoop of Hoth”  gave me a chuckle! But I must state again: pointless and barely a game, as you don't ever lose and there is no difficulty. I actually don't understand why I play it.

    5. Ashpalt 8 – Nice looking car racing game, where you can pull a few stunts, upgrade cars and race others online. Good stuff!

    4. Super Monsters Ate My Condo – How do I begin to describe this madness? Its a mixture of Jenga and Tetris. Condos (coloured blocks) constantly drop from the sky and stack on top of each other. They have to be fed to one of 2 coloured monsters who flank the tower. Three blocks in a row mean they disappear and the correspondingly coloured monster is swapped out for a different coloured monster. Oh just Google it! A great game, brilliant graphics and sounds, all very Japanese, completely insane – I really recommend this!

    3. Solomons Keep – Typical dungeon crawler, similar to 80s arcade game “Gauntlet” seems fun and you can upgrade spells and such. Really good controls that make moving and shooting pretty fluid.

    2. Carmageddon - The classic late 90s PC game gone mobile.  Inspired by the Deathrace 2000 films. The aim is to not only to race, but to mow down people and animals. The game is a real challenge and a damn good laugh!

    1. Quadropus – This is a proper game! You are a sea creature battling other sea creatures. You get to level-up weapons and abilities and there is some strategy involved. It's so 1980s in game-play style. There's lots of humour and the character animations are brilliant. Yep it's my top game at the moment.


  1. Ah yes! Carmageddon. also on the N64 I think, maybe I'll google that.

  2. i dont know anything about games. i used to like Gauntlet though. we played that after swimming. and Paperboy. hi Jymmy

  3. Yes it's a damn good game, the only one I've got that isn't free, but I think it only cost 69p really really worth it!

  4. I used to play Gauntlet when I worked in London aged 16. we would go to the Soho arcades and play it. The game seemed amazing at the time, especially cos up to 4 people go play at once - happy memories!