Sunday, 11 May 2014

Just Killing Time!

Well my plan was to write shorter posts and more often...that worked out well then! What you won't realise is that I've already just written that and more. I'm writing that again because the Blogger site had decided to crash and take the 300 or so words I wrote down with it. But I have adapted as any hero must, by writing again. I think I was going to write about the rise of “time-killing” games on phones. That's a strange thought “killing time” doing an activity to become less aware of the passage of time. It seems to suggest that for the time you are playing the game, you are not participating in your own life. You are waiting for a certain amount of time to pass until you re-join your own life. I must admit that I enjoy playing games, and perhaps could be using my time more wisely. Wouldn't it be good if time playing the games actually went towards improving our lives, perhaps earning us money or helping us learn a new skill. I'm sure there are apps out there that do that, and maybe some in the form of games. If anyone has thoughts about this let me know. In the meantime I'm playing a great game on the phone called Castle Doombad, it's a variation of the tower defence games, and it's really good. A very satisfying game with great gameplay, animation and humour, time just simply flies while one's playing it...


  1. I'm playing Gemini Rue on my phone and time speeds up so much that sometimes I darn't play it. I use to call my ds3 a time machine when I had a job that required me to do nothing, it was handy then. I wonder if I could get that job back...hmm..the good old days, or were they?

  2. Good old days indeed! I remember times in my youth where I seem to have an infinite amount of time to play games. I certainly enjoyed it, but now I'm just as interested in playing the game of life. Gemini Rue looks fabulous, I think I'll get it.