Friday, 10 January 2014

Christmas is my Kryptonite

Don't know why, but the closer I get to Christmas the weaker I get. Of course the time of year has a lot to do with it. Unlike Batman I don't like the darkness. Like Superman I'm powered by the sun. I have happy memories of childhood Christmases, so who knows? For me, Christmas is like a huge locomotive powering down a hill, unstoppable and inevitable. I'm learning though to jump on that train and take the ride. I'm not going to crap on about how it's all become so commercial, we all know about that. I suppose I'm learning to make it my own. I certainly don't watch Christmas adverts or any adverts, only occasionally catching a glimpse. Those Iceland adverts are particularly depressing. There's a reason why that gateau is £3 it's because you're eating “shit and sugar” If you eat that crap, you will never become a Superhero. I'd like to know what Batman's diet is. To maintain that level of fitness requires good healthy food. I just watched an amusing music video called Kryptonite by a band called “ 3 Doors Down” is their name a reference to The Doors? Sorry I'm a bit out of touch with bands. Anyway the video is quite amusing – check it out on:


  1. reading your older blogs while waiting for the new, and enjoying it!!

  2. Well ta for that Jymmy! Yes I'm nearly there, hoping to have it done by this weekend! Thanks for your patience.Hope you find it interesting when it's done :)