Wednesday, 8 January 2014

First Post

So this is my first post.  I have managed to avoid reading, commenting on and just generally having anything to do with blogs since the whole thing started.  Now that some people are declaring that the blog is dead or dying, I have decided to start this one.  I want to share ideas and have nice chats with people on-line.  I welcome intelligent debate, but lets not be horrid to each other.  This blog will evolve with my understanding of the process.  I'm quite techy, but have ignored developments for a decade or so.  Now I'm catching up!


  1. that is the most ridiculous first post on a blog i have ever read. you deserve an award or something

    1. Well thanks Tony, it's always good to have achieved some thing each day. What will the award be? Can you send me a shiny new apple?